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  • Complete Maintenance for Trucks and Trailers
  • Reefer Trailer Repair Available in Both Washington and Oregon
  • We Specialize in Engine Repair for Major Truck Brands

International Truck Engine Service in Portland

Like other branded engines, International engines are uniquely made and thus require specialized service if they need repair. S & T Truck Repair offers this as well as overhauls and general maintenance for any engine make you may have inside your 18-wheeler. Our specialized International engine service routine is tailored to the unique needs of an International engine, so you can be sure that your truck and trailer will be well taken care of when you bring them to us. We provide general tractor trailer and semi-truck mechanical service to clients throughout the greater Portland area, and we also specialize in fleet maintenance to ensure that every truck on your team is ready to hit the road. Some of the services included in our maintenance and repair offerings are the following:
  • Inspection of all major systems
  • Hydraulic repair or replacement
  • Replacement of lights if necessary
  • Repairs for brakes and brake pads
  • Conversions for engines
  • Transmission repair or replacement
Whether your engine is an International or another brand, you can trust us for professional service and exemplary results. We want your truck to run smoothly, and we put in the effort to ensure that it will.
International Truck Engine Service

Also Serving Clackamas, Oregon

International brand engines are some of the toughest you will find on the road. They are likely to endure excessive wear and countless miles, but like any engine, they will need maintenance and repair periodically. That’s why S & T Truck Repair offers International engine service for clients throughout the greater Portland area, including Clackamas, Vancouver, Troutdale, Hillsboro, Salem and Wilsonville. We are the top 18-wheeler repair company serving these areas, and we can provide the work you need, too. Contact us at 503-227-0838 to learn more or set up an appointment.